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  • Guild Policies

Rank Structure
In Absolute there are no officers to further segregate the guild. The GM and AGM are in place strictly for management purposes. Essentially they are the same as Raiders. Once in the guild you can bring in as many Alts as you like. However, Alt's are prohibited from entering the main guild raid.

- Responsible for overall guild and raid direction.
- Meets the same requirements as Raider.

Players who are dedicated to the guilds raid progression.

- Participation on the guild website. We work all our strategies on the site. You're required to check often and be up to date.
- Solid Performance and Attendance.
- A firm understanding of your class/role.
- A Blizzard Authenticator (non negotiable).

- Bank access, Consumables, Enchants, and Guild Repairs related to raiding.
- Occasional gold payouts when milestones are reached.
- Top invite priority to raids.

Our friends and family rank for players who just want to hang out, socialize or PvP.

- Must have a current guild member sponsor you.

- Bank access.
- 3rd invite priority to raids. Will only be brought in occasionally as needed.

Players who wish to become a raider of the guild. Everything you do and bring to the table is evaluated over the course of 3 weeks.

- The same as Raider (see above) since that what you're applying to be. Show up on time and show us what you're made of.
- You must obtain and attach an Authenticator to your account before being promoted to Raider (non-negotiable). The reason for the Authenticator is simple, if you get hacked we loose your raid availability and resources from the guild bank once you're a raider. Its not worth the headache when a $7 item (or even free on smart phones) can prevent the issue from ever happening.

- 2nd invite priority. (No bank access and typically it is a good idea to bring your own consumables for the first few raids)
- Free mage paddling. Guess you will have to join to find out...>:)

Raid Schedule - All times are EST
Tuesday: 8pm - 11pm
Wednesday: 8pm - 11pm

Scheduled Raid Start is at 8pm. Invites will go out at 7:55pm. We take 1 break for 12 minutes around 9:30pm.

Promotions to Raider
Promotions to raider will be done by unanimous consent from the current raiders. Meaning after your 3 week trial period if any of the current raiders object to you being promoted you will not make raider until their concern(s) are addressed. You will need to impress and get along with the whole team, not just the management.

If you're here to raid, be here. Its that simple. Raiders are expected to make every raid possible. If you're going on vacation, going to miss a raid, or going to be late to a raid, you are required to post in the MIA Forum. Poor attendance or poor communication skills will result in demotion.

Raid Time Expectations
This is a progression raiding guild, as such you may occasionally be asked to sit for raid comp and you should be able to do it without taking it personally. We will utilize whatever composition seems best to achieve a first kill. If possible we will give advanced notice to raiders if we know ahead of time they will need to sit, so they can make other plans for the evening. Once an encounter is repeatable we sub in the people who missed it so they do not lag behind the rest of the team in experience and gear. For farm content we rotate people based on gear needs.

You should be able to take constructive criticism from the management and not get overly defensive. Our goal is to help everyone achieve success, not tear people down. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time all we ask is that you learn from those mistakes. If your performance becomes an issue you will be asked to sit. If you have constant performance issues over multiple raids you will be demoted until they are fixed.

In order for us to be successful and have fun, people need to conduct themselves in an adult manner and respect the chain of command we have in place. During progression raids the guild management will discuss strategy changes and ask questions to the raid team about adjustments. We encourage everyone to participate in these discussions but we will not tolerate an "Open Mic Night" type of atmosphere. To be perfectly clear, you have no right to call someone out. Only the guild management has that right. If you have something to add to the discussion your comments should be short - to the point, constructive, and respectful.

With that being said during farm content we encourage a lighter atmosphere as long as everyone can do their job at the same time.

If for some reason you have an issue with another player you should handle it like an adult and whisper the guild management or send us a PM on the guild website, you do not publicly lash out. There is no room for temper flaring meltdowns here. We have zero hesitation about demoting or removing people from the guild if they can't act accordingly. We are here to have fun, not deal with bullshit drama.

Loot Rules
We operate on a simple /roll system and expect our raiders to pass on an item if they have already won something recently or if the item would benefit another team member more. Our goal is to evenly gear our raid team, not just single people. When it comes to farm content we expect everyone to know what bosses they need gear from so we can rotate people quickly based on gear needs.

We also have a priority system attached to these rolls in that Raiders > Applicants > Members.

Guild Bank
The guild bank is a trading post type system where everyone in the guild will be able to access it on some level. The goal of our guild bank will be to actually use it, not to needlessly horde items or gold.

Tab 1 - Trading Post
Access: Member
- A general tab to swap things for Members only. Items will not be taken for raid purposes.

Tab 2 - Crafting Mats
Access: Raider
- All current useful crafting mats.

Tab 3 - Buff Food
Access: Raider
- Raiders are allowed to withdraw 4 stacks per day for raid purposes.

Tab 4 - Flasks n Pots
Access: Raider
- Raiders are allowed to withdraw 6 stacks per day for raid purposes.

Tab 5 - Raider Supplies
Access: Raider
- Raiders may pull finished item enhancements from this tab free of charge. If you have a gatherer who can donate raw mats, please do so.

Tab 6 - Vault
Access: GM & AGM
- Storage for patterns, high end items, BoEs, Items for DE, and overflow.