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About Us
Absolute is a 10 man raiding guild that formed in late Wrath. In Cataclysm we pushed heroic content in the race for top realm honors, but in Mists we have dialed it back a bit. Today we're a semi-hardcore, 2 night a week raiding guild that's looking to take down normal mode content while its still current. Most of our members are adults. This does not mean we don't want younger members, but they must act mature. We harbor a strong team atmosphere and take care of the people who make this guild what it is. We provide free consumables, enchants, and raiding repairs to our raiders.

• Cataclysm: Finished Realm 4th

• For Full Raid Progress Visit: GuildOx-Absolute

Notable Achievements

• Realm 4th - Heroic Madness

• Realm 1st - Heroic Warlord

• Alliance 1st - Realm 2nd - Glory of the Firelands Raider

• Hosted the First Ever Alliance X-Mog Contest w/ 150k gold in prizes awarded

Recruitment Needs
We are recruiting the following:
1 Tank of any class
1 Healer of any class
2 Quality DPS (No Hunters, Mages, or Shaman)

Raid Schedule - All times are EST
Tuesday 8pm - 11pm
Wednesday 8pm - 11pm

About You
We are looking for people that have the following qualities:

• Reliability
This means your pretty much here every raid night except for the occasional emergency or real life pre-planned event. You show up on time and ready to go.

• Raid Experience
This means this isn't your first rodeo. You understand basic boss mechanics and know how to counter them. You know how to research fights to know what is expected of your role and execute it with minimal instruction.

• Min/Maxed Character
This means your character is up to date with current theory crafting information for your class/spec. You have the correct gems, glyphs, enchants, and reforging done.

To summarize we want people that treat raiding like a real hobby and not "just a game".

If all of this sounds like what you are looking for hit the Apply tab at the top of the site.